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A free annual credit report isn’t just about keeping yourself free of identity theft and other negative things. In fact, it can help you in many positive ways too. You will always want to check your credit report well in advance of applying for credit for any large purchase such as a home loan or car financing. Your credit is important. Protect it with your free annual credit report.

  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Get Ready to Buy a Home
  • Erase credit mistakes
  • Rebuilding Credit
  • Avoid the paid credit reports
  • Check all three reports annually.

All three reports can easily be attained and monitored. They should be checked at least once per year. If you want to be more diligent, you can stagger your reports, you can check a different one every four months.

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It will be important that when you  pull your credit report and check your credit score, you pay close attention to the information that is listed. The score is only part of the credit report.

Annually, millions of people are the victim of scores that are incorrect on their application. In fact, as many as 75% of all people with a credit report have a mistake of some form listed on their reports, while 25% of those have errors that are considered severe enough to cost you a line of credit.


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Your Credit


Federal Law allows all US residents obtain a free annual credit report. On this report you will have a set of three numbers that will be your credit score. This number lets others who are considering lending you money know how responsible you are when it comes to paying your bills. On your credit report, you will find information from three  credit bureaus. You may know the three by their names Equifax, TransUnion and Experian and the data each credit report contains may be different and will depend largely on the companies who report to each credit bureau. Checking these credit reports regularly protects you. You will need to know this to help you with financing your car, getting a home loan, and protecting your credit. Your free credit report and knowing your score can help you to prevent identity theft, to secure your future, and even to get a better job. Know your score.

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Hi, I’m Robbi. You and I both know that you have to be extremely careful when subscribing to any free annual credit report. Not all free credit reports are legitimate. Learn how to tell the difference between a free offer and one that will sign you up for a service that you may not want or need.

That’s why we’ve created this special page within the site to advise on how clear up your credit by finding free sources for credit reports and checking them annually. Free credit reports are out there. Don’t get taken by monthly fee services.